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Take Control of Your Recovery Process

Smart Recovery transforms recoveries with nationwide coverage in over 300 major markets and over 100,000,000 scans per month for increased returns and revenue.

Functions: Auto Recovery


  • Who It’s For

    Smart Recovery is for banks, credit unions, and providers – anyone looking to recover automotive assets. The majority of the top 100 auto lenders rely on Smart Recovery.

  • Why You Need It

    Smart Recovery transforms our clients’ businesses. We deliver a consistent, significant lift in recoveries – up to a 16% return on auto finance assets sought for repossession. This translates into a substantial portfolio impact every vehicles put in the DRN’s network. DRN has recovered over $3.5 billion in assets.

  • Features
    • Interactive map view, addresses and images
    • Live sightings alerts as they occur
    • GPS Coordinates
    • Historical data (one year with subscription)
    • Integration: SaaS, web service, or partner