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Auto Recall Case Management
Manage and prioritize recall efforts to repair more vehicles.

Campaign Oversight

Manage and prioritize multiple recall campaigns using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) campaign protocols. Campaign dashboards show details on campaign activity and results.

Case Management

Recall case management assists auto manufacturers through the entire lifecycle of a recall campaign by providing auto manufacturers tools to manage and track their recall efforts all in one place.

Reporting and Auditing

Generate customized, detailed reports of campaign actions for auditing and campaign reporting.

About DRN Recall Case Management

Upload Recall
Hot List


Generate New
Addresses for Contacts

Prioritize and
Complete Recalls

Dashboards and Reporting

DRN’s Auto Recall Case Management provides a comprehensive view of your canvassing efforts through our dashboard management and customization capabilities. Customized reports allow you to create an audit trail of campaign activities.

Track and Manage Your Campaigns

The system automatically updates and analyzes the vehicles you are searching for in the background. See a real-time snapshot of the state of all your VINS, including address scores, clustered sightings for new locations and notification of sightings, as well as loss alerts monitoring. Create workflows for canvassing outreach.

Locate "No Longer on the Road" Vehicles

Identify "No Longer on the Road" Vehicles, such as exports, impound, and stolen vehicles.

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