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Auto Recall Solutions
Accelerate completions with vehicle location data.

Locate Vehicles

Car manufacturers relying on traditional data, such as the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records or registered owner information, need new ways to locate vehicle owners and make contact. DRN’s recall vehicle analytics provide real-time data to help OEMs make contact faster.

Prioritize Recall Efforts and Case Management

OEMs are further challenged to manage and prioritize recall outreach efforts. Case management tools, coupled with new data for making contact, help OEMs manage their efforts and prioritize the best locations for making contact for more efficient and effective recall operations.

Improve Completions

Vehicle location data provides unique insights and new locations for making contact with a vehicle’s current owner. License plate recognition (LPR) data and analytics, plus a case management platform, help OEMs rule out bad addresses while focusing resources on successfully locating and repairing vehicles out for recall.


Better Vehicle
Location Addresses


Recalled Vehicles Have
Historical Location Data with DRN


Takata Recalls Have Been Seen
by DRN in the Last 5 Days

How many critical recalls can DRN help
you locate and repair?

You cannot repair what you cannot find. Powered by billions of vehicle sightings and powerful analytics, DRN’s auto recall solution goes beyond
self-reported and traditional data to provide new addresses for making contact and completing repairs on critical recalls.

Make Right Party Contact

Whether it is the Takata airbag inflator recall impacting more than 15 million other critical auto recalls, lives are literally on the line as these vehicles continue to operate without repairs. OEMs are exhausting efforts to locate hard-to-find vehicles, relying on self-reported or traditional data sources. You need new and reliable data for making contact and DRN’s recall solution coupled with LPR analytics is the missing link that will get you to 100% completion.

Prioritize Recall Efforts and
Case Management

OEMs attempting to contact vehicle owners have limited data to help make contact. Valuable resources can be wasted when leveraging traditional data like DMV data or self-reported data. Prioritizing efforts based on poor data delivers poor results. DRN’s vehicle location data can score OEM addresses to determine if they are good for making contact and our case management tool can direct and manage efforts so the right resources are directed to the right place at the right time the first time.

Increase Completions

You cannot repair what you cannot find. DRN's vehicle sightings validate the address data OEMs are using to locate recalled vehicles and repair them. Older vehicles are especially hard to locate and oftentimes prior outreach methods have failed. LPR data goes beyond traditional data to provide new locations for making contact. New locations based on actual vehicle sighting clusters provide the best chance for OEMs to make contact and complete the repair - and potentially save lives.

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