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Driving Direct Marketing Using LPR

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Business owners face challenges each and every day with maximizing their marketing investments. Traditional methods, although effective to a degree, lack a key element: ability to target marketing based on vehicle traffic at a business site.

Direct marketing via license plate recognition (LPR) enhances current tools such as social media, mailers, emails, etc. Using the most relevant contact information not only shortcuts outreach efforts, it creates a broader channel of communication. 

How it works:

  • DRN outfits retail location with state-of-the art LPR camera(s) 
  • Cameras capture vehicle traffic with marketable information such as vehicle image, name, address, phone number, mailing address and household income
  • Retailer integrates captured data into current marketing campaigns 


  • Increased traffic of qualified customers
  • Increased subscription and retention
  • Measurable results

Case Study: 

DRN has used this model with several businesses with success. One example is when a car wash company used LPR data to focus a coupon campaign and saw redemption rates jump by an average of 8%, with some locations seeing even greater returns … up to nearly 40%. They were also able to track repeat customers at a rate of 60%. You can read the full story here.


Using LPR along with DRN’s marketing analytics can provide useful insights about potential customers, from addresses to demographics including age, education and income level. This goes beyond what geofencing and other traditional direct marketing tools can offer and can be an effective, non-invasive way for businesses to learn about potential customers.

DRN is ready to get retailers and marketers up to speed on how our proprietary technology can help you gain new business. Please contact us for a demo or to learn more.