Stop Retail Crime With DRN’s License Plate Recognition Technology

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Stop Retail Crime With DRN’s License Plate Recognition Technology

In the fight against retail crime, advanced technologies play a crucial role in helping businesses protect their assets and build strong investigative cases. One integral technology is License Plate Recognition (LPR), which enables retailers to immediately identify and capture vehicles associated with criminal activities as soon as they enter a retail premise. 

Learn how you can prevent crime in your facility with data-driven analytics to help safeguard your retail assets. Watch the “Stop Retail Crime with DRN’s LPR Technology” webinar, led by Digital Recognition Network (DRN), a leading provider of location intelligence solutions, and The Loss Prevention Foundation.

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In this retail crime prevention webinar, you’ll learn about the powerful benefits of using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and how it can streamline your crime prevention strategies. In addition, Cody Goyer (Senior Business Development Manager) and Noel Pena (Sr. Executive Director of Sales & Business Development) with DRN highlighted three primary benefits that LPR technology brings to retailers.

1. Identification of Bad Actors: LPR cameras enable retailers to capture license plate information, which is crucial in identifying individuals involved in criminal activities. This information can be shared with law enforcement agencies, streamlining investigations and improving the chances of recovering stolen merchandise.

2. Location of Bad Actors: DRN’s commercial database empowers retailers to determine the residential or employment addresses of individuals associated with criminal activities. This knowledge allows for targeted investigations aiding in the apprehension of suspects.

3. Hotlist Alerting: Retailers can create real-time hotlists containing license plate numbers frequently associated with criminal incidents. When a hotlisted vehicle is detected by DRN’s LPR technology, retailers receive immediate alerts, enabling swift response and prevention of further crimes.

In addition to the benefits, Cody Goyer introduced the concept of LPR and explained its two primary components: LPR hardware and historical data. Here’s a breakdown:

1. LPR Hardware, such as cameras specifically designed to capture license plates, enables retailers to identify individuals involved in theft or criminal activities. DRN’s cameras are law enforcement-grade and offer unparalleled accuracy and precision, providing our retail clients with reliable and actionable insights. The advanced OCR reader technology used by DRN ensures accurate identification of license plates, even when new plate styles are introduced.

2. Leveraging Historical LPR Data: DRN’s vast real-time and historical LPR database, consisting of over 20 billion scans, provides retailers with valuable insights. By utilizing the data collected by DRN’s 6,000 national fleets of affiliates’ camera cars that traverse the country, retail clients can not only identify plates entering and exiting their lots but also uncover the associated addresses where individuals live or work. This information plays a crucial role in locating and apprehending criminals involved in retail crime.

Motorola’s Client Portal for Retail Crime

Moving forward in the retail crime webinar, Tyler Arrington, Director of Client Services at DRN, showcased Motorola’s Client Portal for Retail Crime, a comprehensive platform that equips retailers with essential tools for effective crime prevention. Features like “License Plate Query,” “Hotlist Management” and “Mapping Tools” provide users with intuitive functionalities to search, analyze and monitor license plate data. He highlighted the platform’s associated vehicle search function as a powerful tool to uncover networks and associations among vehicles involved in retail crime. The product demo is available on the webinar recording!

DRN’s LPR technology and data-driven analytics are transforming the landscape of retail crime prevention. By leveraging the power of license plate recognition, retailers can identify and track bad actors, locate their addresses and set up hotlist alerts for immediate action. Motorola’s Client Portal for Retail Crime offers a comprehensive suite of tools to maximize the effectiveness of LPR data and streamline investigations. Remember, in the fight against retail crime, every second counts. Reach out to our sales team at to discuss how DRN’s LPR technology can help protect your assets and enhance your crime prevention strategies. Together, we can make a difference in creating safer retail environments.

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