FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (October 6, 2015) — Buxton is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new exclusive data partnership with Digital Recognition Network (DRN), the owner of the largest vehicle location database in the United States. The partnership will allow Buxton to enhance its location analytics capabilities for retail and restaurant clients, as well as for shopping center owners.

DRN’s data will assist Buxton clients in better understanding the business potential at more than 700 high-end retail centers across the country. DRN’s database consists of over 4 billion vehicle locations and the company captures license plate images on vehicles at the rate of 100 million per month in the United States.

“This exclusive partnership will yield tremendous value for our clients,” said Tom Buxton, founder and CEO of Buxton. “Whether a client wants to understand how their vehicular traffic overlaps with a competitor’s or to identify trade area trends by daypart, we will be able to leverage this data to provide meaningful answers.”

“Our agreement with Buxton is a great example of the innovative applications possible for vehicle location data without any information that identifies the registered owner of the vehicle,” said Chris Metaxas, CEO of DRN. “We are pleased to provide the retail, restaurant and commercial real estate industries with access to our best-in-class traffic data insights.”

About Buxton

Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. Our analytics reveal who your customers are, where more potential customers are located and the value of each customer. More than 3,000 clients in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, private equity, and public sectors have relied on our insights to guide their growth strategies. Clients include Jamba Juice, GNC and Anthropologie.

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About DRN

DRN is a leading provider of data and analytics to the Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Recovery industries. Our solutions enable our clients to more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk.  An industry pioneer in vehicle location data and license plate recognition technology and services, DRN covers every major metropolitan area in the United States and maintains the largest vehicle location database under strict standards of privacy, compliance, and data integrity.

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Susan Crandall

Susan Crandall

Susan brings over 15 year of business experience in the data and technology field, holding leadership roles in business development, product development, market strategy and marketing. As the Vice President of Marketing and Legislative Affairs, Susan is responsible for the VaaS global brand, public relations and communications strategy. Additionally, she will support Vigilant Solutions and DRN in their continuing efforts to help customers and partners navigate the legislative landscape to ensure the continued safe and responsible use of data.

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