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Know the score to contact more customers.

Verify Given Addresses 

Confirm loan addresses and contact more customers. Score given addresses in your portfolio to determine whether you have a good or bad location for making contact with your customer.

Find New Addresses

Find out if DRN has new adresses for making contact. We can provide new DRN Locations for up to 30% of your portfolio. These are addresses you cannot get anywhere else. New addresses add up to more customer contact, lower costs and increased revenue.

Identify Risk

Improve your collections strategies. Start with Address Scoring to confirm given addresses in your portfolio and stop the guessing game. Accelerate treatment for unconfirmed loan addresses using new DRN Locations for more targeted collections, saving time and money.

Intelligent Scoring

DRN’s vehicle location data includes over 6.5 billion vehicle sightings plus more than 160 million new sightings collected every month. Part of the DRNsights Auto Finance solution, Address Scoring uses these sightings and the location data collected on them to determine the number of sightings less than 1 mile from the given address.

Quickly Confirm Given Addresses

Score your loans for quick answers confirming given address information. Save time, money and resources by accelerating treatment only on loan addresses that are not confirmed.

Address Data Decays at a rate of 24% per year

Get New Contact Addresses

Start with Address Scoring to improve your collection strategies. Powered by over 6 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, Address Scoring can provide new addresses for up to 30% of your portfolio by cross-referencing DRN’s vehicle sightings with the given address. Find out if there are new DRN Locations, alternate addresses, for making contact.

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