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Detect garaging fraud.

Reduce Premium Leakage

DRN estimates that premium leakage costs add up to $2 billion for the insurance industry and its customers. Use DRN’s vehicle location data to validate customer supplied underwriting data, answering the question: “Is the customer’s vehicle parked at the reported address?”

Underwriting and Renewals

Whether you are at point of sale or renewals, put rate evasion and premium leakage in park. DRN’s vehicle location data gives you the answers you need to detect garaging issues so you can confidently rate personal policies for higher performing books.

Claims Processing

In DRN’s studies of auto claims, Garage Aware revealed nearly 45% of the policies had some indication of garaging fraud. Get started today and uncover rate evasion, validate customer-supplied information and reduce loss ratios on your book.

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Close the Door on Garaging Fraud

Part of the the DRNsights for Insurance solution, DRN’s Garage Aware provides unique vehicle location data and analytics to identify vehicle garaging.

Insurers Lose $2 Billion Annually to Garaging Fraud

Put an End to Premium Leakage

Search by license plate or VIN. DRN automatically converts VINs to plates. We combine the license plate data with the reported address. We apply our analytics and compare the reported address to our vehicle location data including over 6 billion vehicle sightings to determine suspected garaging. DRN’s vehicle sightings tell us whether a vehicle may be parked at a location other than the reported address, and thus be suspected of garaging fraud. If Garage Aware indicates a probability for garaging fraud on a policy, use DRN’s SIU platform to further investigate.

Also available through Verisk.