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Recover More Vehicles

Recover More Vehicles

Get real-time alerts every time a vehicle on your hotlist is spotted. DRN’s Location Alerts uses vehicle location data gathered from over 6.5 billion nationwide sightings, plus 160,000 million gathered each month to provide alerts when vehicles are spotted enabling lenders to recover up to 35% more vehicles.

Accelerate Time to Recovery

Accelerate Time to Recovery

Cut the chase and find vehicles more efficiently. Find vehicles up to 50% faster with time and date-stamped location data that is accurate within a few feet. Know where and when to find those vehicles faster than ever.

Avoid Paying Claims

Boost Right Party Contact

Part of the DRNsights Auto Finance solution, Location Alerts’ real-time location alerts put you in the know fast. Notifications point you in the right direction for making contact with your customers, saving you time and money.

Vehicle Location Map

Location Alerts provide more than just notifications. You get a validated sighting alert with the time, date, plate scan image, an interactive map and GPS coordinates – all the information you need to improve right party contact or increase asset recoveries.

Quickly Batch Upload License Plates

Upload thousands of license plates in minutes with DRN’s simple batch upload tool.

Real Time Alerts

The second a license plate in your hotlist is seen, we go to work. Your alert is verified using DRN’s industry leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, plus we add a second layer of manual verification. Within minutes you receive quality location data to make a fast recovery or adjust your customer contact data.

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