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End The Commercial Use Epidemic

Stop Commercial Use at Underwriting and Renewals

 DRN’s pictures show that at least 2% your book has commercial use issues and our studies show that number can reach as high as 10% for some carriers. Pictures prove commercial use and carriers like you are using DRN’s Picture Proof to spot commercial use at underwriting and renewals and make a quick and positive impact on combined ratios. And there is no IT investment required.

Don’t Wait for Claims

When it comes to commercial use, if you give out underwriting discounts and then wait for claims to find fraud, you may have already lost. The policy cannot always be voided. Even if you can void the policy, you may still be liable for third party claims. Use Picture Proof to identify commercial use before it’s too late.

Prevent Premium Leakage

Commerical use losses add up fast – annual premium leakage per policy averages at $1000. Multiply that times thousands of improperly written policies and the losses can easily reach millions or even tens of millions for larger carriers. When you consider that the average carrier has at least 2% commercial use, it’s easy to see how combined ratios are taking a hit from commercial use fraud.

What you think you’ve insured vs. What you’ve actually insured

No IT Investment Needed. Upload VINs to Get Started.

Upload a list of VIN numbers of suspected commercial abuse vehicles from your portfolio. DRN will convert the VINs into license plates for you.


Total Vehicle Sighting Images

Catch At-Risk Vehicles

DRN provides pictures of the vehicles taken from different angles of the vehicle. The pictures provide evidence of commercial use such as signage, commercial grade tool boxes, ladder racks, trailers, utility or commercial specific back ends (converted to box or utility truck), hydraulic lifts, etc., on a vehicle.

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