Fort Worth, TX and Livermore, CA, October 5, 2017/PRNewswire – VaaS International Holdings (VaaS), a global leader in image recognition, data, and analytical technology, today announced the hiring of Susan R. Crandall as Vice President of Marketing and Legislative Affairs.

In this role, Susan will help VaaS expand its global footprint, delivering their technology to sovereign countries focused on combatting terrorism, organized and violent crime and human trafficking. Localities and countries rely on VaaS to improve their quality of life through solutions and hardware that positively impacts tolling, congestion and emissions initiatives. VaaS also helps global insurance and financial markets to better manage risk, detect and prevent fraud and improve overall portfolio performance.

Susan brings over 15 years of business experience in the data and technology field, holding leadership roles in business development, product development, market strategy and marketing. She will be responsible for the VaaS global brand, public relations and communications strategy. Additionally, she will support VaaS in its continued efforts to help customers and partners navigate the legislative landscape to ensure the continued safe and responsible use of data.

“Building a global brand in the data and technology space is a monumental task. Susan possesses the right mixture of innovation, strategy and experience to lift both the VaaS brand and solutions portfolio” said Todd Hodnett, Co-President, VaaS.

Susan holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law.

About VaaS International Holdings Group, Inc.

VaaS International Holdings, Inc. (Video Analysis as Service) is the preeminent provider of image analysis through license plate recognition, facial recognition and other image-based data solutions. VaaS is structured as a holding company with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Vigilant Solutions and Digital Recognition Network (DRN).

Todd Hodnett

Todd Hodnett

Todd has a unique combination of business skills which range from new business startups, business development, contract negotiations, mergers & acquisitions to executive leadership, and strategic planning. Prior to joining DRN as Executive Chairman, Todd was the President and CEO of Recovery Database Network, Inc. which he founded after leaving Rock Island Live Entertainment where he served as the Corporate Development Officer and General Counsel.

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