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Recover more stolen vehicles. Now.

Accelerate Time to Recovery

Cut the chase and find vehicles more efficiently. With time and date-stamped location data that is accurate within a few feet, you know where and when to find those vehicles faster than ever. You can use your existing provider, including NICB, to secure the vehicle once it has been sighted.

Avoid Claims Payouts

Fueled by DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data, Live Alerts sees, on average 10%, of vehicles over 180 days old that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. By recovering more vehicles, and recovering them sooner, you can reduce or even eliminate your claim payments saving time and money. Plus, found vehicles add up to happier customers.

Recover More Stolens

If you think there is nothing you can do to recover stolen vehicles, think again. Part of the DRNsights for Insurance solution, DRN’s Live Alerts uses vehicle location data gathered from over 6.5 billion nationwide sightings, plus 160,000 million gathered each month to provide alerts when stolen vehicles are spotted.

Real Time Alerts

The second we spot a license plate in your stolen vehicle claim list using our vehicle location data, we go to work. We verify the vehicle using DRN’s industry leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and we add an additional layer of manual verification. Within minutes, you receive quality vehicle location data to quickly recover the vehicle.
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Total Vehicle Sightings

Vehicle Location Map

Live Alerts provides more than just a notification. You get a validated sighting alert (OCR validation and manual validation) with the time, date, plate scan image, an interactive map and GPS coordinates.

Live Alerts Map

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