Transform passing vehicles into customers with our LPR system and opt-in marketing database.

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Receivables Portfolio Management

Analyze your portfolio with vehicle location insights to mitigate risks, streamline collections and reduce loss.

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Drive Portfolio Decisions
With Vehicle Location Intelligence.

Score the Risk in Your Portfolio

Prioritize high-recovery opportunities and minimize losses with our comprehensive risk scoring.

Enhance Asset Collections

Uncover new debtor addresses, minimize collection attempts and maximize the value of your assets.

Negotiate With Confidence

Make better decisions when buying portfolios by confirming collection addresses with vehicle sightings data.

Streamlined Process.
From VINs to Actionable Insights.

Upload your VINs and Account Addresses

Easily upload your VINs and associated account addresses to analyze your portfolio.

Conversion to License Plates

Our advanced technology converts VINs to license plates, ensuring accurate and reliable data analysis.

Scored Analysis and Actionable Insights

Our powerful analytics engine processes the data, providing you with a comprehensive portfolio analysis within minutes.


Monitor VINs for impounded, stolen, exported, lien loss, and other loss types to handle vehicle loss proactively.

  • Verify Vehicle Loss Type
  • Impound Fee Calculator
  • Vehicle Export Records
  • Salvaged Vehicles Records
  • Stolen Vehicle Records


Access the likelihood of spotting a vehicle at a selected address using vehicle location data.

  • Heatmap Timeline
  • Vehicle Hit Rate
  • Vehicle Scan Rate


Cross-reference vehicle locations with specific addresses to identify address deliverability, occupancy status and location type.

  • Vehicle Risk Score
  • Address Validation

Receivables Portfolio Management

Drive Smarter Portfolio Decisions Today!

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