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Rate and Price Policies with Vehicle Sightings – Not Telematics


When rating commercial or personal policies, premium leakage increases loss due to poorly evaluated books. DRNsights for Insurance combine DRN’s vehicle location data and insights to help prevent rate evasion and premium leakage, remediate loss and maximize premiums.


Fraud can occur throughout the life cycle of a policy. Use DRNsights at annual and semi-annual renewals to uncover red flags for garaging, commercial use, and other rating fraud.


Put vehicle location data to work at First Notice of Loss (FNOL) for tips and leads that uncover potential fraud or suspect claims that need further investigation by SIUs.

SIU Platform

Use DRN’s SIU investigative platform for extensive claims investigation powered by DRNsignts. These unique vehicle sightings coupled with location details provide new insights for SIU investigations.

What is DRNsights?

DRNsights for Insurance combines DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data with analytics to provide property and casualty insurers tips and leads to fight fraud and rate evasion. These insights are used by commercial auto carriers to rate policies by indicating radius class, final build, and territory zones. Personal auto carriers use DRNsights to better rate policies, investigate claims, and avoid premium leakage.

Underwriting & Renewals

Get the answers you need to confidently write commercial and personal policies for higher performing books. At point of sale, use DRN’s vehicle location data to validate customer supplied underwriting data, answering questions like: “Is the customer’s vehicle parked at the reported address?” or “Is the customer driving beyond the reported mileage for work?” Identify radius class, territory zone and final build for commercial policies.





At claims, DRNsights gives you new tips and leads, raising red flags that you might otherwise miss. Whether using at FNOL or at adjusting, these insights enable you to pay legitimate claims faster or identify claims that require further investigation. Get the supporting evidence you need including vehicle and plate images, the vehicle location, date and time stamps indicating when the vehicle was photographed, and mapped data with license plate and vehicle images.



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SIU Platform

SIU investigations require more than a simple score or indicator. Use our SIU investigative platform, powered by DRNsights, for a deep dive of DRN’s vehicle location data to gather evidence of individual and collusive fraud.

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