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Affiliate Manager Spotlight: Announcing Brandy Ceniceros, Affiliate Manager for Texas

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Brandy Ceniceros has been with DRN for more than six years in various roles. Beginning January 1, 2021, she opened the next chapter of her DRN career as Affiliate Manager for the Southern Region. We recently talked with Brandy about her growth with DRN and her plans and expectations for her new role in 2021 and beyond.

AC: Tell me about how you started at DRN and how you ended up where you are now.

BC: I joined DRN in 2014 as a general office manager and got a great overall perspective of who DRN is and what we do. I worked closely with both Accounting and the Affiliate team and did anything and everything I could to learn about the business. I tried to jump in and take initiative whenever I could.

Soon, I saw a need for an admin role within the Affiliate team. I came to you with the idea, and luckily you were on board to have me create a new position for myself.

AC: What do you enjoy most about being part of the Affiliate team at DRN?

BC: I really love the people I work with, both inside DRN and the Affiliates I get to work with. I also appreciate that the company saw my need for growth and allowed me to build my own career path here.

AC: What’s an accomplishment in your career that you’re especially proud of?

BC: I was part of the first team at DRN to transition to Salesforce, which was a big accomplishment. I’m also really proud of the relationships I’ve built over my six years here.

AC: What are you looking forward to as you start your new role as Affiliate Manager for Texas?

BC: I’m really looking forward to building on the relationships I already have and to being more hands-on with the Affiliates. I’ll have much more direct interaction with them in this new role, and I’m excited about that.

AC: Job-related or not – tell us something about yourself that most people would find surprising.

BC: For fun, I love going to the shooting range and am a big outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping – really anything related to being outdoors. 

“Brandy brings a tremendous skill set to the team. She has amazing attention to detail and is constantly pinpointing areas where we can improve.” Andy also said Brandy brings a fresh perspective and a deep knowledge of DRN’s business to her role as Affiliate Manager. “She’s been hands-on in all aspects of this business, from contacting, HW sales, billing and payments and Affiliate support. No one team member is more well-rounded and knows more about what we do than Brandy.”

Brandy is a native Texan and has lived most of her life in the state. She knows the market well and already has strong relationships with many of the agents.

“Brandy’s local, hands-on and is a strong cultural fit to lead this part of the business,” Andy said. “She’s the perfect puzzle piece for this team.”

Contact Brandy Ceniceros at brandy.ceniceros@motorolasolutions.com or 682-284-2667.