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We are built from the ground up.


Our Story

DRN is the brainchild of Todd Hodnett, who grew up working for his father in the vehicle repossession industry. After graduating from law school and working as a General Counsel, he left to help his father run the repossession business.

“I was used to working with sophisticated software to manage case law and I realized that the repossession industry needed something similar,” Hodnett said. “So, I hired programmers to write it.”

That software created the largest available database of vehicles for repossession. Hodnett later learned that law enforcement used cameras to record and recognize license plates and search for them in the FBI’s database of stolen cars. He realized his big idea could get even bigger by introducing camera-recorded license plate data into his software platform.

Hodnett then established Digital Recognition Network. DRN’s growth path has been fueled by visionary innovation, proven technology, and a service-and-solutions-oriented culture. Today, DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data paired with analytics helps users build the full story of a vehicle’s location history and trends rather than simple location tracking alone. This competitive advantage can help lenders, recovery agents, insurers and auto manufacturers locate more vehicles faster. That means fewer charge-offs, more recovered vehicles, less fraud and higher recall completion… which lowers risk and increases revenue.


License Plate Recognition

The U.S. is home to the largest passenger vehicle market in the world with more than 250 million passenger vehicles traveling on public roads. DRN’s cameras automate a process that has been done manually for years.

DRN's vehicle-mounted cameras capture publicly visible and available data by taking license plate photographs in markets nationwide.
*Because our cameras photograph license plates in public locations that are available and visible to all, there is not a privacy concern related to the data we collect. Photos include license plates only; no one inside the vehicle is photographed.
Along with the license plate image, we record the camera's location along with the date and time of the photograph.
Our DRNsights proprietary platform builds the story of where a vehicle has been – and where it might go.

Our 1,000+ clients

rely on DRN data and technology to find vehicles faster, drive decisions, lower risk and increase revenue.