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Affiliate Team Spotlight: Shirley Hurst, Sr Supervisor II Affiliate Administration

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Shirley Hurst joined DRN in 2012 and has spent most of her time working in HR. In 2020, she transitioned to a new role on our Affiliate team as a Sr Supervisor II Affiliate Administration, where she focuses on special projects that support the work of this growing team. Andy Cameron, SVP Recovery, talked with Shirley about her new role and her perspectives on DRN’s growth since she joined nine years ago. 

AC: Tell us about your background at DRN.

SH: When I started in 2012, we officed in a basement and had 35 employees. We sent contracts by fax, which never happens now! I helped with general office management, then soon joined HR, which was my background. I love working with people. Last year I joined the Affiliate team and am focused on special projects. I’m used to wearing lots of different hats and value being able to do a variety of things, so I’m loving this new role.

AC: What do you enjoy the most about working with affiliates and DRN’s Affiliate team?

SH: I really love the people – both the affiliates and our team. We have a really good group here: everyone brings different things to the table and someone always knows how to handle whatever situations come up. I really value how people bring their own personalities and viewpoints – without that, nothing gets solved. It’s so helpful to our progress.

AC: What work-related accomplishments are you most proud of?

SH: I’m so proud of being here to see the Affiliate team and DRN grow. We’ve come a long way since 35 employees in the basement! I also think the affiliate side of the business is really interesting and something people may not know much about. I feel really good about being part of something that helps small businesses grow and get their foot in the door at DRN. 

AC: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

SH: First, I’m so glad to be getting back to normal, so that’s a big thing to look forward to. I really hope to see more growth, and I think that’s happening even with the pandemic. I appreciate seeing us accomplish our goals and am excited to help the team and the company continue to grow.

AC: Besides helping our affiliates succeed … what else are you passionate about?

SH: I love nature and being outdoors. I spend lots of time gardening and have a passion for scenic photography. I also have a true love and drive for animals. I have two rescue dogs and volunteer at an animal rescue.

Andy shared thoughts on what makes Shirley such a valuable part of the Affiliate team.

“Shirley has the skill set, drive and work ethic – not to mention history with DRN – to complement what our team focuses on daily; providing the highest level of customer service and support possible. Shirley is always looking for positive resolutions to issues and she delivers these solutions in a timely, efficient and effective way.  

She has such a positive outlook and her follow-up and dedication to her job, to the team and to DRN is really unparalleled. She’s doing a phenomenal job and I’m super excited to have her on the team.”

You can contact Shirley Hurst at shurst@drndata.com