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CLEAR Conference Showcases LPR Use in Solving Retail Crime

The 2022 CLEAR Conference – Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail – in Orlando had strong participation and attendees were very engaged. This is mainly a training conference for law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals, where they learn about vendors’ capabilities and see hardware demonstrations first-hand.

There’s been a significant increase in organized retail crime (ORC), with almost 70 percent of storefronts reporting an increase in theft in 2021, according to CLEAR. They estimate that ORC accounts for $45 billion in annual retail losses.[1]

While use of LPR by retailers is relatively new, DRN believes there’s a valuable opportunity for businesses to use this data in investigating crime, building cases and recovering stolen property. The CLEAR Conference helped us build understanding of LPR data in the context of solving retail crime – how use of DRN’s database of billions of scans and powerful analytics can help retailers partner with law enforcement to identify and locate suspects, recognize behavior patterns and even predict their next moves.

Our booth provided a great experience for conference guests as we talked about our capabilities and how we differ from other LPR companies – how we work through our affiliate network to constantly collect scans that we can run through various DRNsights tools in real time to provide powerful analytics and build real stories of where vehicles have been and where they might go next. But the real star of the show was our Motorola L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera System. We provided numerous demos of the system to show off its features including ease of installation, flexibility in configuration and range of insights and analytics. There was a lot of excitement around the system, which we’re confident is the best LPR camera on the market.

If you’re ready to see the value of DRN’s tools and data and how they can support your crime prevention efforts, you can get free access today by clicking here. We’re happy to schedule a personalized demo as well.

We’re excited about serving this growing need and helping retail and commercial partners solve and prevent crime.

[1] https://thehill.com/opinion/criminal-justice/3474562-the-stats-are-alarming-congress-must-act-to-curb-retail-crime/

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Noel Pena

Noel Pena

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