Transform passing vehicles into customers with our LPR system and opt-in marketing database.

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Enhancing Lead Generation with LPR Technology and Opt-In Marketing Database

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License Plate Recognition (LPR)marketing is gaining traction in helping businesses, especially when it comes to lead generation and helping them expand their customer base. LPR is a revolutionary piece of technology that utilizes optical character recognition and image processing to read, and decipher vehicle license plate information. This data is captured with high-resolution fixed or mobile cameras that use our intelligent analytics to analyze images and extract license plate data. 

How it works

Capture: Digital Recognition Network’s (DRN) high-powered fixed LPR cameras, L5F and L6Q, capture license plates from passing vehicles that pass by your location, identifying potential leads as soon as they arrive. Driven Insights uses an opt-in marketing database (not available in every state) that works to provide you with name, address, email, and phone numbers of pre-qualified leads based on proximity, and visit frequency.

Drive: With an opt-in marketing database at your disposal, you’ll be able to enhance your marketing and sales efforts through highly personalized marketing campaigns to help your business grow. Our solution provides you with contact information from existing customers that allows your business to reach out through different channels, diversifying your lead generation efforts. Personalize your marketing messages with customer and prospect names gathered from the database. Additionally, by using customer addresses, you can create targeted direct mail campaigns that offer promotions and incentives to bring in new business. You can also offer incentives and promotions by building an email marketing list from the captured email addresses and through SMS (*requires SMS opt-in) and calls from the phone numbers gathered through your own marketing tools. Driven Insights allows you to see a potential customer’s proximity to a location, which can be used to create target marketing campaigns based on the distance traveled by the customer. Retargeting campaigns can also be effective in driving new leads when utilizing email addresses. Your retargeted email ad would be a reminder of their visit to your site or any specific item they viewed. Google PPC ad campaigns are also a great tool to generate more traffic. For example, if someone searches “car washes near me”, your Google ad will show up at the top of the search results, which will direct potential customers to your website.

Monetize: Expand your reach in the neighborhood by increasing ad conversions using highly targeted lists from Driven Insights. By getting more leads out of your ad spend, you can create an active publishing calendar containing nurture track emails with incentives and promos that keep leads engaged and interested in coming back to your business, maximizing your ROI. Differentiating your business from your competitors is crucial, and building brand equity is a good way to do that. Researching and utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) keywords can improve your online visibility compared to your competitors on Google and attract more potential customers.


DRN’s LPR technology, partnered with an opt-in marketing database, presents a revolutionary chance for your business to optimize its lead generation strategies. By capturing license plates coupled with our extensive database, you’ll be able to identify, engage, and convert leads more successfully than ever before. Armed with personalized marketing campaigns and retargeting efforts, you can easily drive more business to your location.

Contact our sales team to learn more about our convenient flat rate pricing for both Motorola hardware and DRN data packages, alongside quick-deploy cameras that can be easily installed by your team or our DRN Field Service team.