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How Data and Innovation Are Solving Auto Recall Challenges

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In October last year, we hosted our first-ever DRN Virtual Showcase, which brought together experts from across the auto recall industry to discuss how effective and creative use of data and communication can improve auto recall completion rates. Our panelists included: 

Angel Preston – Formerly Director, Safety, Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Dr. Stephen Ridella – Director, Office of Defects Investigation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Neil Steinkamp – Managing Director, Complex Situations Consultant, STOUT

Oscar Nunez – Executive Director of Product & Commercial Markets, DRN


Since 2000, auto manufacturers have issued 679 million vehicle and equipment recalls.* Typically, approximately 60-75% of recalls are actually completed.* In many circumstances a success rate like this might feel like a win. However, when it comes to auto part recalls and their potential impact on driver safety, the industry is pushing for more.

The Challenges of Auto Recalls

Finding Vehicle Owners

A number of factors present challenges when it comes to completing a repair on a recalled vehicle part. One of the greatest ones lies with the seemingly basic step of locating the vehicle. Why is this so difficult?To find out why, stay tuned next week for more information or click here, and download the full white paper.

*Dr. Stephen Ridella, Director, Office of Defects Investigation,National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)