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Insurance PI’s Say DRN’s Data Flat Out Helps Resolve Cases

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Insurance PI’s Say DRN’s Data Flat Out Helps Resolve Cases

While SIU’s have shared the many ways they use DRN’s vehicle location data, they aren’t the only Insurance professionals who can’t imagine doing their job without our data. Private Investigators tell me that DRN’s location data has proven essential  in resolving cases.

So how are insurance Private Investigators using our vehicle location data?

  1. Private investigators tell me the top reason they use DRN’s location data is to determine the validity of disability and worker’s compensation claims. Using DRN’s data to view where the car has been while on claim, private investigators can determine whether the claimant has gone back to work or is engaged in an activity not in scope of the disability.
  2. Private investigators also use DRN’s vehicle location data to identify where to set up surveillance in their investigations. As they like to tell me, “we want to see where the car actually is and NOT where the policy or utility bill says it is.”

I have no doubt Private Investigators have many more uses for our data and SIU solutions and we would love to hear from each of you. Email me and let me know what’s working for you.

Who relies on DRN to find the car?

  • 85% of the Top Auto Finance companies in the United States use DRN’s vehicle location data to recover more than $3 Billion in repossessed vehicles.
  • Insurance SIUs use DRN vehicle location data to identify potential fraud.
  • Over 3,000 United States law enforcement agencies use DRN to find the criminals’ garaging address.