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Interested in Lowering Charge-Offs? Join DRN’s FREE Charge-Off Challenge

More than 300 enterprise lenders nationwide are using DRN’s Historical Data to lower their charge-offs and increase their recovery rates. If you’re looking to do the same, why not give it a try?

DRN collects more than 220 million vehicle license plate scans every month, covering two-thirds of the U.S. population. Enterprise lenders are leveraging this data both internally and externally to increase overall efficiencies in the collections and recovery arena. 

As part of our Charge-Off Challenge, we’re inviting Auto Lenders to send us a list of accounts that are on track to charge-off at the end of the month. DRN will run these VINs through our database at no cost to you. Our license plate scans provide valuable insight into helping you find these vehicles before they charge-off. The goal is to help auto lenders understand how to use DRN historical data to their advantage and help locate some hard to find skips. .

See for yourself how the power of DRN’s data can work for you. What do you have to lose? Better yet, what might you find?

Learn more about our Charge-Off Challenge by filling out our contact form.

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About the author:

Noel Pena

Noel Pena

Sr. Executive Director | Sales & Business Development Since 2016 Noel has worked to solve challenges facing lenders, investigators, marketers and entrepreneurs through DRN’s multiple channels of data driven solutions. With a keen understanding of market shifts, he’s empowered clients with actionable insight that drives results.