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Partner Profile: American Recovery Service (ARS)

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DRN and ARS Celebrate History of Partnership and Innovation

About American Recovery Service

American Recovery Service (ARS) provides a powerful and effective LPR service solution and is known for having developed the original LPR staging model for the recovery industry.  Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, ARS continues to carry on the legacy of innovation in and leadership for the recovery industry, setting new standards for compliance and repossession.  

Working with DRN

ARS and DRN’s partnership began in 2009 when ARS decided to embrace the use of license plate recognition (LPR) technology through a pilot program for a dispatch center leveraging DRN’s data and analytics. After the successful launch, both DRN and ARS realized the power of combining DRN’s data and analytics with ARS’s recovery operations to generate more revenue opportunities for recovery agents. Since partnering, ARS has driven the recovery of over 400k vehicles valued at $4.8 Billion for auto finance companies. The recoveries that were made have contributed to over $110 Million in revenue to the repossession agent and affiliate market. ARS is DRN’s elite Provider of Live Pick Up Services to the lending industry. Their contributions far exceed and are unmatched by all other providers in the network.

“The relationship between ARS and DRN has been built on a foundation of a mutual commitment to teamwork and innovative technology” shared Dave Copeland, C.O.O. at ARS. “Our mutual collaboration and integrated solutions have illustrated our dedication to delivering the best in class performance for our client partners. We truly value and appreciate the partnership we have built with DRN.”

ARS was the first servicing company to pioneer the LPR staging model within the repossession industry kicking off their relationship with DRN. After ten years of working together, DRN and ARS have cemented our spot at the forefront of revolutionizing the repossession industry by creating and adopting innovative technology to help advance our agents and the recoveries for their lenders. Congratulations, ARS, on your 25 years of excellence! We are excited to continue this partnership for many years to come.