Explore our Industry-Leading License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solutions at the CRS 2024 Conference.


Protecting Your Property and Your Business with LPR

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DRN participated in the Loss Prevention Research Council IMPACT Conference earlier this month. This virtual event brought together retailers and providers of security and anti-theft solutions. As a relatively new player in the loss prevention space, it was a great opportunity for us to learn about how our license plate recognition (LPR) technology and DRNsights analytics can help clients prevent loss.

Our experience and discussions with retailers and other service providers confirmed to us that DRN’s 220+ million LPR detections and sightings each month can be a powerful tool in on-site security. Fixed LPR cameras can create a “virtual fence” around your property to secure and protect your business. How?

  • Use DRNsights to run a common plate analysis to identify vehicles that are frequenting your location. Create a hotlist of these plates, then receive real-time alerts when the vehicles are present.
  • Look at dwell time to measure how long vehicles stay in your lot and determine a pattern of visits.
  • Use LPR to control who has access to your property by allowing entrance only to vehicles with approved plates.

Our team looks forward to talking more with retailers about opportunities to help them boost their security efforts. 

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