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Top 5 Reasons SIUs Use Vehicle Location Data

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Since joining DRN, I have reached out to the SIU community to learn how they use our SIU platform, Event Links, powered by DRN’s vehicle location data and analytics. And what I learned was eye opening. These highly skilled SIU investigators have that keen sense of the detective in them. It’s that super “sleuth” sense they inherently display that made the value of DRN’s vehicle location data and analytics obvious to them. So let’s take a look at how the best of the best are putting DRN’s SIU platform to the test.

Number One: Detecting Garaging Fraud

Nearly every SIU tells me that they use our SIU platform to detect Garaging Fraud. These SIU’s have access to lots of vehicle data but they tell me that of all the data available to them DRN’s vehicle location data is the most comprehensive, timely, and accurate location information for vehicles in the market. That’s because we have over 4.2 billion vehicle sightings and add over 100 million more each month. The SIUs search by plate or address to get vehicle sightings that include the plate image, vehicle image, date, time and location of all the sightings for that particular vehicle. They then combine the vehicle sighting data with other information to build a case around garaging fraud. Most often they use our data to adjust the claim for the premium differential, but there are occasions where they will directly address the claimant with the information to elicit an explanation. They tell me both methods are very effective.

Number Two: Detecting Preexisting Condition

After Garaging Fraud, I hear a lot about pre-existing condition. Since our vehicle location data contains photos, SIUs are able to ascertain, in numerous instances, that the vehicle had been damaged prior to the claim. They tell me it is very easy to discuss this with the claimant when they have before and after pictures of the damaged vehicle with the license plate to boot.

Number Three: Confirming Alibis

SIUs use DRN’s data to confirm alibis by a looking at the vehicle location data to determine if they can place the vehicle where they said it was located. They can look at a specified time to corroborate that person’s story.

Number Four: Uncover Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Fraud

Next is PIP (personal injury protection). I have to admit when I first heard this I could not understand how our data could be used in PIP cases. My education began with a journey down PIP lane where an SIU shared an investigation in which the individual was injured as a passenger of the insureds. The insured claimant indicated that they had no car and therefore no insurance. He did however live with a relative that did have a car. According to the claimant the car was not drivable. Through DRN’s data the SIU was able to determine the car had actually been gallivanting around town before and after the accident. Therefore the relative’s car would have to cover the PIP claim.

Number Five: Worker’s Compensation Investigation

SIU counterparts in the Private Investigator world also use DRN’s investigative platform as well. They tell me the number one reason they use our vehicle location data is to determine the validity of disability and workers compensation claims by looking at whether the claimant has gone back to work or is engaged in an activity not in the scope of the disability. They do this by simply by looking at where the car has been while on claim. Our data also proves useful in identifying where to set up surveillance for their investigations. Investigators want to surveil where the car actually is and not where the policy or utility bill says it is.

Bonus: Other Uses for Vehicle Location Data

Other uses include identifying commercial use of a private vehicles. Investigators can look at vehicle sighting images to determine if the vehicle has signage or tools of the trade on the vehicle. SIUs can look at a vehicle’s movement, pre or post a claim, to identify disabled vehicles. And they can research vehicles reported as stolen but have not left the controls of the owner.

SIUs are challenged to not just keep up with fraud but to stay one step ahead of the people committing fraud because just as soon as you figure them out, they are off looking for new ways to get away with fraud. And for many of the SIUs, vehicle location data and analytics offer a “secret sauce.” This data puts them one step ahead for multiple avenues of fraud. Share your vehicle location data success story with me or find out how you can become an SIU success story using our data.

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