Partner Name: Victory Recovery Services

Years as Partners: 10 Years

Location: Buford, Georgia

About Victory Recovery

Founded in 1989, Victory Recovery Services was one of the first skip tracing companies at the time. The company now offers a forwarding model but still remains true to its roots by offering skip tracing services as a part of their overall suite of solutions.

Compared to other traditional forwarders, Victory works at a lower volume than most, which they say adds up to a strategic advantage that allows them to focus on their customer service. The company provides a dedicated team to individual portfolios with skip tracers utilizing multiple data providers, making phone calls, and gathering all types of data they can find on their customer until all options are exhausted.

Working with DRN

An early user of DRN, Victory is a major advocate for the use of LPR data in skip tracing. “LPR not just a perk. It is a necessity. You need to have it or you’re not going to be competitive in this space,” stated James Davis, Vice President of Victory.

Since using our product, Victory has seen an uptick of 15-17% a month in their resolutions and has been able to be more efficient in their workflow because of LPR data. For example, the information they can gather from LPR hits can help them make contact with their customer quickly. This saves them time and valuable resources that can be allocated to another skip.

In addition, the customer service provided by DRN’s Client Services Team has been impactful for the company. While Victory has their own training program on how to use DRN’s data for their skip tracers, feedback from industry veteran and Director of Client Services at DRN, Alex “Skip Guru” Price has helped them enhance their program.

“Working with DRN,” Davis states, “it always turns out for the best.”

Susan Crandall

Susan Crandall

Susan brings over 15 year of business experience in the data and technology field, holding leadership roles in business development, product development, market strategy and marketing. As the Vice President of Marketing and Legislative Affairs, Susan is responsible for the VaaS global brand, public relations and communications strategy. Additionally, she will support Vigilant Solutions and DRN in their continuing efforts to help customers and partners navigate the legislative landscape to ensure the continued safe and responsible use of data.

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