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Detect radius class fraud.

Reduce Premium Leakage

Chances are that your books are riddled with commercial policies with a Radius Class of 0-50 miles. There’s a reason for that – a difference in Radius Class can equal as much as a 40% difference in insurance premium. Multiply that difference by thousands of policies and you make an obvious case to reduce premium leakage due to Radius Class errors and fraud.

Underwriting & Renewals

Whether you are at point of sale or renewals, put rate evasion and premium leakage in park with Radius Response. Radius Response uses DRN’s exclusive vehicle location sightings to show the number and percent of sightings outside of radius. Policies that indicate possible fraud can be flagged for manual underwriting or to prefill radius class.

Manage Your Books

Are your books land-mined with Radius Class fraud? In today’s highly competitive market, it pays to identify good and bad risks quickly at quote. Close good risks faster and beat the competition by capturing more business, and value bad risks appropriately for better margins and profit. 

Radius Class

Identify Sightings Outside of Radius Class

DRN identifies nationwide sightings of an insured vehicle from over 4 billion nationwide sightings, plus over 100 million more added monthly. DRN analytics compare our sightings of the insured vehicle to the center of the radius of the given ZIP code to identify the total number of sightings, sightings inside radius, and sightings outside of radius for a given timeframe. These totals are used to calculate the percent of sightings beyond radius. A high percentage of sightings beyond radius could indicate Radius Class fraud. If Radius Response indicates a probability for Radius Class fraud on a policy, use DRN’s SIU platform to further investigate.

Get Radius Class Fraud Indicators Fast

Unlike telematics integrations, Radius Response gives you access to vehicle sightings without requiring customers to opt-in. We search for license plate sightings and compare them to the distance from the given ZIP code. In this example, you can see that the Radius Class was based on 50 miles from the given ZIP code, and the closest vehicle sightings were nearly 200 miles from the given ZIP code, suggesting that there is a high probability of Radius Class fraud or errors.

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