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DRN Helps BHPH Dealer Locate Lost Car

Kotie’s Cars is a Buy Here Pay Here dealer in Waco, Texas, that offers in-house financing. Kotie’s uses traditional GPS trackers in their vehicles – which work well until they don’t, either due to a problem or because someone disables them.

David from Kotie’s Cars had a recent situation in which a tracker stopped working, the vehicle went missing and its owner could not be contacted – and did not make payments – for a period of eight months and missed payments totaling $2,400. David hired a private investigator to track down the individual, who relocated to Colorado. After unsuccessful attempts to locate the vehicle, David learned about DRN’s license plate recognition capabilities when I happened to place a sales call to him.

I wanted to show David how DRN could help Kotie’s find the vehicle. He quickly discovered that the missing car’s plates had already been scanned by two Colorado agents. Using DRN’s location data and analytics platform, the car was picked up within three days and on its way back to Texas. Thankfully the vehicle was in great shape and Kotie’s was able to put it back on the lot for sale to a new owner.

“I don’t think there’s a better service that tracks cars by license plate,” David says. “I never really understood the process until I talked to Travis, but now I know that when GPS stops working, this is the next best thing to do to find a car.”

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