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How LPR is Helping with Auto Recalls

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Since 2000, 679 million vehicle and equipment recalls have been issued by Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs). On average, only 60-75% of these recalls are actually completed.[1]

When an auto manufacturer launches a recall, they often start with mail campaigns using public data and vehicle sales records. This can be successful with newer vehicles and those that haven’t changed owners – these are the easiest vehicles to find. However, older models and vehicles that have changed hands are harder to track down, and traditional mail campaigns using vehicle owner records typically aren’t successful.

This is where license plate recognition (LPR) can make a difference.

DRN’s affiliate network is made up of more than 6,000 vehicles equipped with LPR cameras driving U.S. roads and capturing photos of license plates. These images are date and timestamped, then uploaded to DRN’s database of billions of historical scans – all of which DRN clients can access.

Clients can search for vehicles by plate number and state, VIN or owner Social Security numbers. Using vehicle images and DRNsights analytics, manufacturers can often locate the harder-to-find vehicles and make successful contact with current owners, either through additional mailers or by sending representatives to contact owners in person.

This is an exciting, growing use of LPR that benefits everyone on the roads by ensuring recalled vehicles are located and repaired.

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[1] 2020 DRN Virtual Showcase, Stephen Ridella interview