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How to Mitigate Risk and Reduce Delinquencies with DRN’s LPR Data

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Approximately 70 million Americans have debt in collections – and roughly only 20% of that debt is recovered. Mitigating risks and staying on top of delinquent accounts is more critical than ever before in the debt collections industry. 

License Plate Recognition Technology is an OCR “Optical Character Recognition”
technology that identifies and reads public vehicle plate numbers. It works by capturing an image of the vehicle with the plate, which then processes the characters into text and compares them against a database of registered vehicles. DRN’s LPR technology utilizes a network of recovery affiliates across the United States that capture publicly visible license plate data using high-performance mobile LPR cameras that can be leveraged across multiple industries, transforming the way businesses operate and ensuring superior results. 

In DRN’s new DRNsights+ SkipTrace platform – debt collectors now have a way to easily access both their public records data and DRN’s vehicle location insights to expedite the resolution of delinquencies. 

What our data consists of

DRN boasts the largest database of license plate records available in the market. Our vast network of affiliates equipped with high-powered mobile LPR cameras is capturing an astounding 225+ million license plates a month, ensuring our data is always accurate and current. Using DRNsights+ Address scoring, vehicle addresses can be quickly validated, ranked and used in recovery timing. The fastest way to identify fraud or bad application information is with vehicle location data and creating a waterfall strategy that is easily consumable via SFTP or API.   

How to mitigate your risk

When it comes to creating a risk mitigation strategy, having easy access to accurate public records data to validate information is crucial. DRNsights’ Portfolio Analytics and  Risk Scoring uses vehicle location data to provide insights on any secured or unsecured receivables portfolios. Data can be used pre or post-purchase, recovery, or write-off to determine the next steps. You can use this analysis to understand which accounts to focus on based on their risk level and the chance of collectibility to make informed decisions. With our end-to-end solution, we are the one-stop shop from providing risk assessment models, recovery and asset locating services to remarketing, by managing vehicle location and logistics, down to the sale of the asset – increasing your bottom line.

How to reduce your delinquencies

Minimizing delinquencies is vital for the long-term sustainability and success of lenders. By utilizing DRN’s LPR data, you can identify fraudulent activities and alternative addresses prior to payment default. Through address scoring and the use of public records data, associated vehicles with delinquent loans can be located, optimizing right party contact and facilitating payments. DRN’s active database of millions of monthly scans of license plate records can be layered with your public records data to create a digital strategy that will reduce overhead as delinquencies grow, streamlining your portfolio management efforts.


Our LPR data is revolutionary for the debt collections industry, providing debt collectors with a potent tool to mitigate risk and minimize delinquencies. This vast database allows debt collectors to make data-driven decisions that elevate their efficiency and financial performance, leading to an enhanced collections operation. With DRN’s all-encompassing end-to-end solution, curbing risk and minimizing delinquencies has never been more accessible and effective, making it an essential asset for debt collectors across the nation.