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Notes from the IASIU Conference: Exploring DRN’s Role in Investigations

The International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) held its annual conference in Orlando, in September. The event hosted industry pros to learn, collaborate and network on various topics.

We found that most attendees at the conference were familiar with license plate recognition (LPR) technology and its use in investigations. Former law enforcement attendees were already familiar with using LPR data and the benefits. Many in attendance get their LPR data through a DRN partner, with only a small percentage getting it directly through DRN. For most of our conversations, the uses and benefits of LPR were already well known and embraced. What was new for the investigators – which presented a great opportunity for us – was the unique combination of LPR with DRNsights analytics and how our tools can take LPR’s power to the next level in the insurance industry.

The investigators we talked with were highly interested in training and real-life use cases to help them better understand how to take advantage of the platform for the various types of searches and to produce specific results. We also heard interest from both insurance and private investigators in how DRNsights could be useful for workers comp and other types of insurance claims and investigations outside of vehicle insurance.

It was a very worthwhile few days in Orlando, not only because we took away some exciting new ideas for how DRNsights can work in investigations – everything from workers compensation to arson cases – but also because there’s nothing like in-person, face-to-face time to build connections and relationships. That part of our business has been mostly missing over the past 18 months, and we’re so glad it’s back.

We’re eager to talk to you about DRNsights for investigations and to show you how this tool can help you be more successful and efficient. Contact us here if you’d like to schedule a demo or have a conversation to learn more.

About the author:

Helene Amster Kopel is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of creating and managing technology solutions, with the last six years focused on fraud and other data analytics solutions in the healthcare and insurance industries. Today, Helene is responsible for leading DRN product development opportunities and innovation for the insurance industry. During the off hours, Helene is an avid yogi and also the host of a personal growth podcast which shows you how to adapt agile software development principles to achieve your personal goals.