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Powerful Stories of LPR Data in Insurance & Other Investigations

DRN’s first-ever Virtual Showcase brought together experts from across the auto industry to discuss perspectives, trends and best practices for using license plate recognition (LPR) data to solve various challenges and drive success. One section of the agenda focused on the auto insurance piece of the industry, specifically on how insurers are relying on LPR data in their investigations. We welcomed contributors including:

  • Barbie Bell – SIU Supervisor – Technology and Organized Fraud, Repwest Insurance
  • Danyelle Golland – Associate Attorney, Sullivan and Graber
  • Mark Gainous – IRBsearch
  • Niki Marler – IRBsearch
  • Tyler Arrington – Sr. Manager of Client Services, DRN
  • Joe Brady – Director of Operations, Insurance, DRN
  • Eric Nesson – Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Insurance, DRN

LPR technology provides physical vehicle images, location (latitude and longitude), date and time. Searches can be run using all of these parameters – search by plate or VIN and/or by location and date and time frame. During our Virtual Showcase sessions, we heard powerful, real-life examples of how all of these elements come together to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of insurance and other investigations. 

From Barbie Bell, Repwest Insurance: Repwest is the captive insurance carrier for U-Haul, whose vehicles are often involved in false insurance claims involving vehicle or property damage as well as bodily injury. Barbie discussed several examples of using vehicle photos to prove pre-existing damage, or sometimes no damage at all.

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About the author:

Eric heads DRN’s Risk Solutions business development and strategic partnership efforts, shaping DRN’s solutions to align with the practices of insurance claims, SIU, underwriting and renewal. Eric brings more than 25 years of insurance industry experience and expertise to the DRN, including the launch of the Banking and Insurance Division of CARFAX. During his 10 years with CARFAX, he also earned the distinction of being one of five team members listed as patent-holder for the “use of automotive historical data within the insurance underwriting and rating process.”