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Why Elevate the Agent? Rewarding Loyalty and Results

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DRN prides itself on our strong partnerships with our affiliates. Without them, the continuous stream of license plate recognition (LPR) scans that fuel the auto recovery industry runs dry. Our affiliate team focuses time and effort on building relationships with our agents to ensure they have the technology, resources and service they need.

Part of our desire to support our agent network led us to recognize and reward our agencies for hitting various milestones and targets. We’ve presented year-end affiliate awards in various categories for several years. These awards have been a great source of pride for both DRN and our agency partners, and a meaningful way to wrap up each year.

Over time, we wanted to evolve how we celebrate our agents. We decided to streamline our recognition program to acknowledge individual achievements with a significant, tangible reward. We created Elevate the Agent (ETA) in 2019 for affiliates who produce an average of at least 250,000 license plate scans per month.

ETA ranks our agents based on their scanning contribution to DRN. We place them in various tiers based on their scans and each level receives different rewards – from DRN swag, camera hardware discounts and  100% free camera system. Approximately 250 agents qualify annually for ETA – a big increase from the 25 agencies we recognized with our prior awards program.

This shift in how we recognize and reward affiliates means we can do more for more agents, and provide them with benefits they can use to grow their business. We think it’s a win-win.

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