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Better right party contact rates streamline collections.

Go Beyond the Comp Report

Comp Reports often turn up short in providing good addresses for making contact. Location Reports uses vehicle location data to give you new addresses for making contact, addresses that you won’t find on the Comp Report.

Get New Contact Addresses

Put an end to frustrating calls and letters that go nowhere fast. Part of the DRNsights solution, Location Reports leverage over 6.5 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, location data and analytics to provide you with new DRN Locations for making contact with your customers.

Generate More Revenue Per Call

What if you knew that 90% of the time debtors are within 1,000 feet of their car and you were able to locate the car? New DRN Locations find the car so you can boost right party contact rates and increase revenue per call.

Take the Guess Work Out of Making Right Party Contact


Get New Locations for Making Contact

What if you knew that people are within 1,000 feet of their car 90% of the time and you were able to locate the car? DRN’s Location Reports uses vehicle sightings and analytics to provide new DRN Locations on up to 30% of your delinquent accounts. DRN Locations include new prioritized phone numbers and addresses to make Right Party Contact and Positive Resolution.

90% of people are within 1,000 feet of their vehicles

Get New, Unique Addresses

Location Reports is powered by over 4 billion nationwide vehicle sightings to provide you with DRN Locations – new unique addresses. These new locations include ranked phone numbers for connecting to your customers.

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