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LPR Provides Uses Marketing Insights

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Businesses of all types are learning the value of license plate recognition (LPR) to their marketing efforts. Using LPR data and analytics can provide useful market insights.

One proven method is for a business to place an LPR camera on-site near its entry to capture vehicle images of their customers. They place a second camera facing the street to capture images of drive-by traffic. Then, they can compare the lists of vehicles captured by each camera to determine who’s driving by the business but not entering.

Using LPR Marketing Analytics, the business can use the list of vehicles to gain useful insights about these potential customers, including mailing addresses where coupons or other marketing materials can be targeted. For a real-world example of how this boosted business results, click here for another blog.

Commercial use of LPR for marketing purposes is an emerging and exciting proposition. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.