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DRN’s Vehicle Location Sightings Help Insurance Carriers Spot Commercial Use and Final Build Fraud

DRN’s Event Links Pictures Taps into Over 4 Billion Exclusive Nationwide Vehicle Sightings

FORT WORTH, TX 7/11/2016 – Digital Recognition Network (DRN) (, the leading provider of vehicle location data and insights, now enables an exclusive Pictures search of the company’s over 4 billion vehicle sightings. Through Event Links, insurance carriers access the pictures functionality for a fee as an add-on at underwriting or claims to evaluate commercial policies for final build, and on personal lines to identify commercial use of a personal vehicle.

“We work with many of the top commercial and personal lines insurance providers in the country. These carriers continue to push for new data and analytics that go beyond telematics to help them detect fraud and properly rate policies. In fact, this new Picture search feature of Event Links was driven by our customers looking for a fast way to uncover potential commercial use or final build issues. Now they can tap directly into our vehicle sightings, tying a VIN to a sighting to actually see evidence of commercial use or final build issues. And when carriers fight fraud and capture premium leakage, we all benefit through lower insurance rates,” said Alex Young, Vice President, Risk Solutions for DRN.

SIU teams use DRN’s Event Links for a deep dive into DRN’s vehicle location sightings. Vehicle location sightings differ from telematics. The sightings are gathered nationwide from license plate recognition data and include license plate sightings, along with a time, date and location of the sighting. DRN maintains over 4 billion nationwide sightings and grows that by over 100 million monthly. These vehicle location sightings represent data carriers can’t get anywhere else and it is changing the way they underwrite policies and investigate claims.

Now Event Links Pictures functionality, included as an add-on feature for an additional fee, enables commercial carriers to hone in on final build at underwriting or to evaluate a claim. The carrier uploads a VIN or batch of VINs, and DRN converts the VINs to plates. Then, Event Links searches over 4 billion nationwide images and returns images of the vehicles associated with the plates. The images will show the final build of a vehicle. Often, a vehicle will be insured as a flatbed, when the Event Links Pictures show otherwise. Event Links Pictures enables carriers to capture premium leakage and properly assess claims.

For personal lines carriers, the Event Links Pictures functionality provides vehicle images that include signage or other markings that could indicate commercial use. By identifying commercial use of a personal vehicle, carriers can capture premium or potential claim losses.

Carriers use Event Links to investigate suspicious auto claims by finding the location, date, time and images of vehicles. Armed with this data, investigators can evaluate preexisting damage, commercial use of a private vehicle, PIP, staged accidents, commercial use, final build and theft fraud. Evidence of collusive fraud and more can be provided through license plate searches, address searches and searches of plates common to two or more addresses. Event Links can also be used at underwriting to properly rate policies and avoid premium leakage due to commercial use of a personal vehicle, and to verify final build on certain truck chassis.

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Jared is responsible for managing top strategic accounts for DRN's FinTech Business. Jared works with lenders to improve their risk modeling, collections and recovery strategies by optimizing DRN's vehicle location data to fit each clients needs and impact revenue goals.