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Employee Spotlight: Michelin Clark

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: Community and Unity – I appreciate the family-oriented working environment and the fact that we have a good sense of unity within our community. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments whether it’s professional or personal. By having this sense of “winning together” concept, we also stick together when times are tough as well. Q: What is your current role at DRN? A: My current role at DRN is Product Manager. Q: How long have you been working at DRN? A: I’ve been with DRN for almost 2 years Q: What does your job entail?

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Recovering Stolen Vehicles Just Got Easier

Vehicle location data gives insurance carriers a new, effective tool for locating stolen vehicles. While the number of auto thefts were down slightly in 2014, losses due to motor vehicle theft still came in at a hefty $4.5 billion. Just when you think you have outsmarted thieves, they come up

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Why Cost-Based Decision Making May Be Costing You

Attention Auto Lenders: Use ROI to drive data investments and reduce charge-offs. In our last blog we talked about John’s loan and the power of new vehicle location data insights in collections. We learned how using LPR data early in the collections cycle provides valuable insights to help prevent charge-off

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LPR Scores Prevent Charge-off Losses

Change the outcome that will lead to lower charge-off losses and increase ROI on your portfolio. Let me introduce you to John.  John lost his job and was no longer able to make payments on his loan.  John did not notify you, the lender, therefore resulting in the situation below. Let me

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Auto Deficiency Balances Got You Down? We Can Help.

Auto Deficiency Balances Got You Down?  It’s no secret, auto deficiency debt is hard to collect – really hard. You first have to get past the fact that many debtors don’t even realize that that they may owe money even after a car has been repossessed and sold. A quick

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Starter Interrupters. A Real Non-Starter.

Starter Interrupters.  A Real Non-Starter.  The earliest patent I could find for a starter interrupter device was filed on June 30, 1995. They have since grown in popularity to become a necessity for some sub-prime lenders granting loans below a certain credit threshold. Yet, in the 20 years since their

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Insurance PI’s Say DRN’s Data Flat Out Helps Resolve Cases

Insurance PI’s Say DRN’s Data Flat Out Helps Resolve Cases While SIU’s have shared the many ways they use DRN’s vehicle location data, they aren’t the only Insurance professionals who can’t imagine doing their job without our data. Private Investigators tell me that DRN’s location data has proven essential  in

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Why Should You Care About Garaging Fraud?

My first experience with adverse selection was soon after a friend moved into a new house. He received a call from a neighbor letting him know that Sears had mispriced their fertilizer from $20 a bag to $2 a bag. Every neighbor and friend got the call or passed the

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Garaging Fraud Drives Out of State Losses

Garaging Fraud Drives Out of State Losses I know from speaking with SIUs across the country that unless they are tipped to a garaging issue, they will typically not look for a garaging fraud in the normal course of their duties. The only exception is when there is an out

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Active Duty Alerts: SCRA Compliance Made Easy

Are you familiar with The Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and the risk associated to repossessing a vehicle from a customer who is listed as “Active Duty?” If not, you may want to take a moment and familiarize yourself and how it could negatively affect your bottom line. There are a number of

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AutoSoft NET Integrates DRN Data to Enhance BHPH Collections

AutoSoft NET Agreement Puts DRN’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Solutions to Work for Auto Dealers DRN’s Data and Analytics Embedded in AutoDealer Plus and AutoDealer Light Improve Collections and Customer Contact FORT WORTH, TX 1/28/2015 – Digital Recognition Network (DRN) ( and AutoSoft NET, ( announced that AutoSoft NET

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