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Notes from the IASIU Conference: Exploring DRN’s Role in Investigations

The International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) held its annual conference in Orlando, in September. The event hosted industry pros to learn, collaborate and network on various topics. We found that most attendees at the conference were familiar with license plate recognition (LPR) technology and its use in investigations. Former law enforcement attendees were already familiar with using LPR data and the benefits. Many in attendance get their LPR data through a DRN partner, with only a small percentage getting it directly through DRN. For most of our conversations, the uses and benefits of LPR were already well known

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Buying Debt Using Vehicle Location Intelligence

How the “riskiest of the risky” auto loan portfolios become a lot more attractive with collectability insights powered by vehicle location data. I recently spoke on a technology and operations panel at the Debt Buyer’s Association annual conference in Las Vegas. The debt buyers in the audience shared two major

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Not Looking at Auto Debt? You’re Missing Out.

Diversify your portfolio with auto debt using vehicle location data for collectability. By Stephen Nethery Auto debt doesn’t rank high on most Debt Buyers scorecards. But what many don’t realize is that they may be missing out on collectable portfolios that can drive results and revenue. Why does auto debt

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Truth or Consequence

Why Traditional Collections for Non-Traditional Loans Doesn’t Work. Imagine a perfect collections world – a world where all loans, subprime and prime, were paid on time. Admittedly that’s a fantasy scenario, yet we are seeing collections departments that live in a similar fantasy world – a world where tradition equals

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Recovering Stolen Vehicles Just Got Easier

Vehicle location data gives insurance carriers a new, effective tool for locating stolen vehicles. While the number of auto thefts were down slightly in 2014, losses due to motor vehicle theft still came in at a hefty $4.5 billion. Just when you think you have outsmarted thieves, they come up

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Why Cost-Based Decision Making May Be Costing You

Attention Auto Lenders: Use ROI to drive data investments and reduce charge-offs. In our last blog we talked about John’s loan and the power of new vehicle location data insights in collections. We learned how using LPR data early in the collections cycle provides valuable insights to help prevent charge-off

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