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Notes from the IASIU Conference: Exploring DRN’s Role in Investigations

The International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) held its annual conference in Orlando, in September. The event hosted industry pros to learn, collaborate and network on various topics. We found that most attendees at the conference were familiar with license plate recognition (LPR) technology and its use in investigations. Former law enforcement attendees were already familiar with using LPR data and the benefits. Many in attendance get their LPR data through a DRN partner, with only a small percentage getting it directly through DRN. For most of our conversations, the uses and benefits of LPR were already well known

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Invest in higher compliance standards. Invest in DBA.

If you had to pick one word to sum up the driving force behind the best originating creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies, it would be: compliance. Complying with best practices that meet and often exceed state and federal consumer protections laws is good for both consumers and the debt

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Door Knockers Plus Vehicle Location Data Cures Loans

Did you know that the term “light-bulb moment” is listed in the Oxford Dictionary? The term is defined as: A moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration. And just recently, while attending the Collections and Recovery Solutions conference, we visited with a lender that had one such moment. As we

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5 Reasons Insurance Rates are So High

Personal rate evasion and fraud causes higher insurance rates for all but vehicle location data helps to investigate. When discussing garaging issues, the focus of the conversation is usually around garaging fraud. But that is really a misnomer. It probably should be more broadly referred to as garaging issues or

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Top 5 Reasons SIUs Use Vehicle Location Data

Since joining DRN, I have reached out to the SIU community to learn how they use our SIU platform, Event Links, powered by DRN’s vehicle location data and analytics. And what I learned was eye opening. These highly skilled SIU investigators have that keen sense of the detective in them.

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Commercial Auto Fraud: 3 Ways to Get Away with It

The surprising truth about commercial auto fraud and how vehicle location data helps carriers capture premium leakage. Insurance agents and policyholders alike know the easiest route to lower premiums on commercial auto policies is through Zone, Radius, and Final Build. Think about it, using current systems and technology carriers are

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4 Truths About License Plate Recognition

The Facts Don’t Lie Like most B2B businesses, DRN solves problems for our customers. And by solving these problems, we do more than just drive revenue and results, we create a bigger impact. That impact touches anyone that drives a car and has an insurance policy. Our data and analytics

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Picture This: A New Way to Spot Commercial Use

Vehicle location data offers new insights for uncovering commercial use of a personal vehicle. Insurance carriers know that commercial use of a personal vehicles happens. And, they know the numbers: Rating issues like commercial use cost the industry over $16 billion a year in loss premiums. Yet carriers tell me

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Park This: Identifying Garaging Fraud Just Got Easier

How to use vehicle location data to pinpoint garaging fraud. So the address on insured’s policy is in one state but they actually live in another state that has higher rates. No big deal right? In fact, many would argue that garaging fraud is a “victimless crime.” But, carriers know

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Catch Charge-Offs if You Can

The rise in subprime delinquencies and charge-offs hits lenders’ bottom line but vehicle location data and analytics is putting lenders on the right track. Over the past year, we have been sounding the alarm with lenders – warning them that mounting delinquencies and charge-offs would impact revenues and ultimately devalue

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