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Enhancing Lead Generation with LPR Technology and Opt-In Marketing Database

Introduction License Plate Recognition (LPR)marketing is gaining traction in helping businesses, especially when it comes to lead generation and helping them expand their customer base. LPR is a revolutionary piece of technology that utilizes optical character recognition and image processing to read, and decipher vehicle license plate information. This data is captured with high-resolution fixed or mobile cameras that use our intelligent analytics to analyze images and extract license plate data.  How it works Capture: Digital Recognition Network’s (DRN) high-powered fixed LPR cameras, L5F and L6Q, capture license plates from passing vehicles that pass by your location, identifying potential leads

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How to Mitigate Risk and Reduce Delinquencies with DRN’s LPR Data

Introduction Approximately 70 million Americans have debt in collections – and roughly only 20% of that debt is recovered. Mitigating risks and staying on top of delinquent accounts is more critical than ever before in the debt collections industry.  License Plate Recognition Technology is an OCR “Optical Character Recognition”technology that

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Introduction to License Plate Recognition

Introduction: License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology has become a vital tool in various industries, ranging from insurance fraud detection, repossession, vehicle safety recalls, opt-in commercial marketing, retail crime prevention and beyond. This revolutionary technology uses AI to read and analyze plate information. LPR recognition technology is an innovative tool that,

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Unveiling the Power of DRN’s LPR Data: Unmasking Garaging, Pre-existing Damage, and Unauthorized Commercial Vehicle Use Fraud

Introduction Insurance fraud has become a colossal challenge plaguing the insurance industry. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, roughly $45 billion dollars in losses happen annually in the property and casualty sector. Combatting insurance scams demands cutting-edge technologies and advanced data analysis techniques. Enter License Plate Recognition (LPR) data—a

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Taking Elevate the Agent to New Heights

DRN prides itself on our strong partnerships with our affiliates. Without them, the continuous stream of license plate recognition (LPR) scans that fuel the auto recovery industry runs dry. Our affiliate team focuses time and effort on building relationships with our agents to ensure they have the technology, resources and service they need.

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CLEAR Conference Showcases LPR Use in Solving Retail Crime

The 2022 CLEAR Conference – Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail – in Orlando had strong participation and attendees were very engaged. This is mainly a training conference for law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals, where they learn about vendors’ capabilities and see hardware demonstrations first-hand. There’s been a

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