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North American Repossessors Summit Recap: Building Awareness & Unity with Affiliates

DRN attended the North American Repossessors Summit again this year in October 2021 at the Omni, Las Colinas. This is the largest gathering of its kind in the repossession industry and was a great chance for us to interact with our Affiliates and Industry Leaders. This was DRN’s first year to co-brand with MVTRAC at NARS. Our combined team represented all parts of our businesses so that we could offer affiliates a range of opportunities from discussing camera hardware to training to how our services can help them grow their businesses. NARS was an ideal opportunity to educate repo agents

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LPR Provides Uses Marketing Insights

Businesses of all types are learning the value of license plate recognition (LPR) to their marketing efforts. Using LPR data and analytics can provide useful market insights. One proven method is for a business to place an LPR camera on-site near its entry to capture vehicle images of their customers.

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Employee Spotlight: Brek Darling

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: The challenges and learning opportunities that come with rolling out new products. Q: What is your current role at DRN? A: I’m currently a business data analyst here at DRN. Q: What does your job entail? A: I utilize data to provide insights and

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Using LPR Throughout the Lending Cycle

License Plate Recognition (LPR) and DRNsights – DRN’s proprietary analytics platform – offers Lenders a powerful tool that can be useful at all points of the loan process. DRNsights uniquely combines billions of LPR records with patented analytics to build full vehicle stories. These can help lenders make informed risk

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How LPR is Helping with Auto Recalls

Since 2000, 679 million vehicle and equipment recalls have been issued by Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs). On average, only 60-75% of these recalls are actually completed.[1] When an auto manufacturer launches a recall, they often start with mail campaigns using public data and vehicle sales records. This can be successful

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Employee Spotlight: Marquist Price

Questions Q: What is your current role at DRN? A: My current role at DRN is a strategic account manager. Q: What does your job entail? A: My job entails that I build mutually beneficial relationships between DRN and our key customers. This also includes building trust by focusing on value to develop and

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Employee Spotlight: Michelin Clark

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: Community and Unity – I appreciate the family-oriented working environment and the fact that we have a good sense of unity within our community. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments whether it’s professional or personal. By having this sense of

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