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Supporting Public Safety: How License Plate Recognition Data is Fueling Critical Auto Recall Efforts

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Since the year 2000, 679 million vehicle and equipment recalls have been issued by Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs).*  On average, only 60-75% of these recalls are actually completed.*

Traditionally, OEMs have relied heavily on limited Department of Motor Vehicle or insurance information to locate and contact the current vehicle owner to help schedule a free repair.  While this data can be helpful in contacting vehicle owners of new vehicles, it quickly becomes very challenging to locate vehicles that have begun going through life events.  Customers move out of state, cars are given to teenage children, vehicles are sold or traded into a dealership and vehicles that don’t get registered or insured are all examples of life events that make this task increasingly difficult for OEMs to get these vehicles repaired.

OEMs have begun utilizing additional data sets to keep up with vehicle owner information but because of the delay in self reporting databases, this causes severe delays in OEMs getting accurate information.

This is where DRN and our license plate recognition (LPR) tools can help.

DRN collects data in real-time – up to 220 million vehicle license plate scans every month. The data that DRN collects provides incredible insights into the whereabouts of new and used vehicles.  DRN then lays additional data points on top of the LPR scans to more accurately pinpoint the best location for making contact with a vehicle owner. Something that hasn’t been done in this space yet. This is bringing much needed speed and accuracy to the recall process by helping OEMs reach vehicle owners before a recall-related accident or safety issue occurs.

As the suite of DRN products expands in the recall world, OEMs are expanding their relationship with DRN to provide data and services to get these deadly vehicles off the road.

“LPR data takes us straight to the source, making delivery of these notices accurate and efficient. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has called on automakers to be more creative in their efforts to ensure drivers’ safety and incorporating this technology does just that.” – Todd Hodnett, Executive Chairman and Founder of DRN


How DRN Helps OEMs

DRNsights Address Decisioning:  OEMs spend large amounts of money to send letters to residential addresses without any insight into whether the vehicle is even at that address.  Using DRN to validate/invalidate addresses for mailing campaigns can provide even larger cost saving benefits.

DRNsights Recall Management: DRN can provide the best address for contact, as well as the best phone number to contact the vehicle owner. This data, along with public records data, allows OEMs to improve the effectiveness of their outbound mailing and calling campaigns by ensuring complete accuracy.

DRNsights Vehicle Tagging:  DRN has a nationwide network of ~6,000 Mobile LPR Camera Kits passively scanning license plates 24/7.  DRN has cross trained these field agents to deploy notifications on any vehicles passively scanned that have an open critical recall.  Vehicle tagging is a more cost effective option to traditional expensive canvassing tactics.

DRNsights Canvassing: DRN’s Recall Canvassing service puts billions of license plate detections to work, ensuring more timely, successful contact. With hundreds of thousands of vehicle detections gathered daily, our canvassers can immediately respond to new sightings to increase your success rate. You can also arm them with targeted leave-behind materials and scripts developed by you so you can effectively reach your drivers and control your message.

We’re excited to roll out these services nationwide in early 2021.

Data and innovative solutions like DRN continue to drive the ways OEMs and others in the industry are working to increase the success rate of auto part recalls … which ultimately make the roads safer for all of us. DRN is proud to be part of this solution and excited to take these nationwide services to market in early 2021.Want to learn more about how DRN data can help you? Visit our website and fill out our contact form and someone will reach out to you shortly.

Real data, real analytics, real results.



 *2020 DRN Virtual Showcase, Stephen Ridella interview