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Digital Recognition Network Expands Its Insurance Portfolio with the Introduction of DRNsights Investigations

FORT WORTH — April 19, 2022 — Digital Recognition Network (DRN) today announced the expansion of its Insurance portfolio with the introduction of DRNsights Investigations. This is the first product to be developed on the new DRNsights for Insurance platform. The platform combines billions of vehicle location data records and advanced analytics for insurers to leverage in underwriting and investigative activities. With a new, modern user experience and easy integration to other systems, the new platform complements existing underwriting and investigative workflows.

“We know Special Investigative Units (SIUs) have many tools they use every day. DRNsights Investigations and the new Insurance platform have been designed to provide access to our unique, valuable data while making the user experience as frictionless as possible,” said Jeremiah Wheeler, President , DRN. “Our aim is to give SIUs the insights they need to get to the truth, without sacrificing expediency.”

DRNsights Investigations launches with vehicle sighting search capabilities that include location scoring functionality. This gives SIUs immediate insight to where a vehicle is most often, the type of location and the time-of-day and day-of-week it’s historically at that location. Investigators can review vehicle images with each vehicle location record, add a vehicle to a monitoring list to generate leads and build their case.

Upcoming capabilities in development for DRNsights Investigations include:

  • The ability to conduct a pre-existing damage or unauthorized use investigation by reviewing vehicle images over time.
  • Additional search types to review vehicle records around a given address to find relationships between vehicles and locations.
  • A comparison tool for common vehicle sightings across multiple locations to identify potential collusive fraud.

For more information on DRNsights Investigations or the new DRNsights for Insurance platform, please visit

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