Transform passing vehicles into customers with our LPR system and opt-in marketing database.

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Fight fraud and avoid costly, improper payments.

Why Investigations?

Whether it’s material misrepresentation or outright fraud, your team needs to detect and remediate it fast. DRNsights Investigations provides vehicle location data, images and analytics to help make investigators more efficient and findings more accurate.

Detect Suspicious Activity Earlier

With over 250 million new vehicle location records captured every month, combined with real-time monitoring you can proactively jumpstart investigations and build your case.

Conduct In-Depth Claim Reviews

Using billions of historical vehicle location records that include images, time and date of capture you can evaluate a subject’s state over time and take appropriate action.

Uncover Complex, Organized Fraud

By having access to vehicle location records that cover over 300 major markets across the United States, you can link together pieces of a larger puzzle and get the full picture.

The New DRNsights for Insurance

An Even More Powerful Platform

DRN’s realternative data platform uniquely combines billions of vehicle location records with powerful, patented analytics. Beyond an ever-growing list of investigative functionality, our newly enhanced platform includes:


Vehicle Sighting Search

Search by VIN or license plate and filter by date and time to view a list or map of vehicle location records with images, time, date and GPS.

Location Scoring

See locations where a vehicle is most commonly sighted along with location type, time-of-day and day-of-week.

Vehicle Monitoring

Get notifications when you set up target vehicles for monitoring and new sightings become available.

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Picture Proof*

Conduct a pre-existing damage or unauthorized use investigation by reviewing vehicle images over time.

Address Analysis*

Review vehicle records around a given address to find relationships between vehicles and locations.

Link Explorer*

Search for and compare common vehicle sightings across multiple locations to identify potential collusion in your fraud investigations.

*Solutions still in development

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