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Whether you are in banking, finance, automotive lending and recovery, or insurance, DRN’s data provides you with unique insights – insights that transform processes and drive revenue. Our solutions can detect fraud and improve decisions about loan origination, servicing, and collections. Insurance providers turn LPR images into insights to mitigate risk and investigate fraud related to the vehicles that they insure. And, our solutions transform automotive recovery processes, substantially increasing portfolio returns.

Automotive Recovery

Let DRN’s solutions put you in the driver’s seat. Increase your recovery rate with DRN’s nationwide data coverage. Transform your recovery processes for dramatic improvements to your portfolio.


Financial Services

Our data reduces risk, increases revenue and generates higher portfolio returns. DRN provides new data insights throughout the life cycle of the loan.



Protect your profits with DRN’s data. Get data that adds up to better risk management and more efficient processes to detect fraud at underwriting, renewals, and claims.