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Used Car Week Recap: Valuable Conversations on Industry Challenges

DRN and MVTRAC were happy to be part of Used Car Week (UCW) by Cherokee Media Group in November. From moderating sessions, facilitating breakouts and hosting special events, we had a productive four days in Las Vegas. UCW continues to be the premiere gathering of leaders from across the used car industry – including lenders, forwarders and vendors. This year we saw more repossession agents attend than in past years, which created a great opportunity for positive interaction and honest conversations among various parts of our industry who may not typically find themselves in the same setting. As part of

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Employee Spotlight: Marquist Price

Questions Q: What is your current role at DRN? A: My current role at DRN is a strategic account manager. Q: What does your job entail? A: My job entails that I build mutually beneficial relationships between DRN and our key customers. This also includes building trust by focusing on value to develop and

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Employee Spotlight: Michelin Clark

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: Community and Unity – I appreciate the family-oriented working environment and the fact that we have a good sense of unity within our community. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments whether it’s professional or personal. By having this sense of

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Post-Pandemic Credit Union Trends

I talked recently with Joel Bowen, President of the California Credit Union Collectors Council (CCUCC). He shared his perspective on the state of credit unions as we continue to emerge from the pandemic. As we’ve heard from other lenders, delinquencies in general are down since the spring of 2020 when

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AIS Recap: Innovations in Auto Recall (Part II)

I joined Katy Martinez of Predictive Strategies at this year’s Auto Intel Summit to discuss the Takata Airbag recall and how it’s driving innovation in the auto recall space. Predictive Strategies is a performance marketing company that uses analytics to drive successful campaigns by influencing consumer behaviors. The Takata Airbag

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AIS Recap: Insights from the Auto Intel Council (Part I)

I joined several other members of the Auto Intel Council at the Auto Intel Summit in May. The Council is a private organization that includes the leading intelligence companies in the automotive space. We talked about the latest developments in auto fintech as well as digital retail and remarketing innovations.

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Employee Spotlight: Don Elam

Questions Q: What do you like the most about working here? A: My coworkers and the job autonomy. Q: What does your job entail? A: Preparing daily reports, ad hoc reporting, troubleshooting minor issues, assisting others where needed. Q: How long have you been working at DRN? A: This coming

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Employee Spotlight: Travonne Hodges

Questions 1. How long have you been working at DRN? I have worked at DRN for 10 years and 10 months. I started in Dispatch and moved to Accounting for 6 years and now I am in Client Services. 2. What is your current role at DRN? I am currently

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